Yankees replacing some of best seats with tables to “enhance fan experience”

The New York Yankees have announced their latest plan to sell those crazy expensive field-level seats that no one wants to buy at those prices, and it involves a twist even I didn’t see coming: replacing one seat out of three in some sections with snack tables.

In a continued effort to enhance your gameday experience, the Yankees are excited to introduce the addition of brand new side tables between select seats in the Champions Suite. This new feature will offer enhanced comfort for your family, friends and clients to enjoy the all-inclusive food and nonalcoholic beverages that the Champions Suite has to offer.

The “Champions Suite” moniker notwithstanding, these seats are actually down the lines in left and right field, and go for the marginally less insane sum of between $260 and $540 a ticket. (You do get free cafeteria-style food and non-alcoholic drinks with that.) Still, I’m pretty sure this is the first recorded instance of a team actually ripping out good seats and replacing them with places to rest your chicken fingers as an enticement for deep-pocketed ticket buyers.

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2 comments on “Yankees replacing some of best seats with tables to “enhance fan experience”

  1. Dodgers did a version of this in their moat area beyond the dugouts.
    They could pull the old movie trick, cutout photos in the seats or find out who did the multi-million ruble animatronics for Putin’s put-on seen Sunday and fill the seats with those.
    Then the sports sheep can rest easy assuming that “their” team, a business franchise owned by someone else has a full house.

  2. I went to the Stadium with my boss to pick out seats and they tried to sell us these the construction hadn’t started yet but they are asking for a 3 yr contract.
    Its the last row bottom bowl right in front of the table seats. They also are taking away most of the inside of gate 4 for a new lounge.

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