Here’s the $43m scoreboard that Jacksonville taxpayers are buying for the Jaguars

If you’ve been wondering what $43 million in new end-zone scoreboards looks like, here you go, courtesy of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ crack computer rendering squad:

Yup, that’s real big, all right. It probably won’t look so great when the city of Jacksonville runs out of money to maintain the stadium because it spent the whole maintenance fund on new scoreboards (or, more likely, it’ll look just fine but something else in Jacksonville will get the short end of the stick to replenish the maintenance fund), but hey, everything has to be bigger, right?


5 comments on “Here’s the $43m scoreboard that Jacksonville taxpayers are buying for the Jaguars

  1. You know, a screen that big will probably appear JUST ABOUT as big as the HD television I have from across my living room. Now if they drop the price of concessions and make sure the only drunken idiots that are around are my friends, I may consider going to another football game.

  2. Talk about overkill! This would be an assault on my eyes, especially with the Jag’s annoying uniforms. One screen would be more than plenty. This would be a good reason Not to attend a game there.

  3. You know it’s a fictitious computer render, the Jags are winning.

    Given the hassle and cost involved in going to an NFL game, particularly with a child or two, it’s not surprising that they’re trying to do whatever they can to get people in the actual stadium, minus actual reasonable costs and non-draconian rules.

  4. Two scoreboards? So let me guess, it’ll sell advertising that generates money that the team keeps?
    What did I win?

  5. Even our suckiest team can suck some stadium cash out of the taxpayers, most of whom never show up for games down there.

    I’m looking at my watch and wondering when we’re going to relocate the Jaguars somewhere. I’ll have to bring it up at the next owner’s confab. The folks in Jacksonville will have that 42 million dollar shiny thing that lights up and does pictures and stuff to remember us by, after we take off for good.