People in Florida don’t understand how money works, apparently has an article up on Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross’s latest stadium renovation subsidy demands, and here’s all you need to know from it:

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is about to prove that you can renovate an NFL stadium without using public money….

In return for paying for the renovations, Ross would like to get $4 million in annual tax relief, according to the Miami Herald.

Oooookay, then. Maybe somebody else has something to add here — yes, you in the back, NBCMiami?

“You tell Mr. Ross I said ‘thank you’ because I don’t want to pay any more taxes,” fan Kevin Scott said.

But, but… Seriously, people understand that the government doesn’t just take the money you pay in taxes and roll around in it, Scrooge McDuck-style, right? If Miami-Dade County gives up the $3.8 million a year in property taxes it gets from Ross, it has two, and only two, choices: 1) Spend $3.8 million a year less on something else, or 2) Raise taxes to make up the difference. Either way, Kevin Scott is going to have to give up something, unless he doesn’t live in Miami-Dade, in which case I don’t know why he’s complaining about taxes in the first place.

But seriously, this guy must have something more to his reasoning, right?

“If he’s going to spend that type of money, he deserves to get the tax breaks,” Scott said.

Sigh. Well, that’s a different argument, anyway. Still wrong — and it makes me want to try demanding a kickback of sales taxes on all the money I spend in the Brooklyn economy — but at least different.

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  1. RE: “Fan Kevin Scott”
    Would it be “shooting fish in a barrel,” to comment “Well, we ARE talking about people in Florida…”

  2. The stadium is used for the Orange Bowl, the occasional Super Bowl and some international soccer, so there’s some justification for making it a government owned building.

  3. Ben, so the fact that the stadium hosts a handful of well-attended events per year (including eight for the NFL team who are its main ‘tenants’) is enough justification to forgo an annual property tax bill of $4 million, which could be used for things like schools, hospitals, public safety, and infrastructure?

    Tell you what, let me know if you’re ever going to be running for a mayor of a major city, because I’ll be certain to never move there at any point in my life.

  4. Yeah, the local government doesn’t have the option of creating new money.

    This is Florida, one of the states that gets more fed tax money than it pays into the system (one website was saying $1.39 for every $1 in taxes). This is probably largely due to tropical storms and retirees.

  5. Neil this shouldn’t surprise you. Most people in this country don’t give a rat’s backside where their tax money goes. They just don’t want to be paying any more than they already do (and generally want to pay less than they do currently). It’s only when they actually are in desperate need of one of the services said taxes pay for that they care.

  6. Neil, sports fans generally aren’t bright. As for Americans, I don’t think many of them can do math. If they could, they would be outraged at how much student-athletes are being robbed by the NCAA.

  7. ““If he’s going to spend that type of money, he deserves to get the tax breaks,” Scott said.”

    Yeah. Scott apparently doesn’t understand that “he’s spending that kind of money” on himself. If he was donating it to a public hospital or university, he would get tax breaks. But you don’t get tax breaks for spending money on yourself, or your own businesses (which is what this is). If that were the case, Neil would be right and all his discretionary spending in Brooklyn would become tax free spending.

    It isn’t, and it won’t.

    The money Ross isn’t paying in taxes will come, in part, from extra taxes paid by #FanKevinScott. And, no doubt, from closing schools, hospitals, and libraries, laying off police and firemen etc, just like in Glendale.

  8. I like this Kevin Scott fellow. His attitude brings a tear of joy to this old billionaire’s eye.

  9. I hate to sound like I’m piling on, Ben, but of the events you listed, only one involves a public-institution. You’re not seriously going to build a stadium at the expense of taxpayers for one event per year that involves a public institution, are you?

    I have to assume you’re being sarcastic.

    Oh, but don’t forget the HS graduations!