Cardinals opening world’s first fake-stadium-slice-shaped-mall, I guess?

The St. Louis Cardinals have finally announced the opening of the first phase of their long-delayed “ballpark village” (so long-delayed that I was calling it “long-delayed” six years ago) and it’s, okay, I don’t know what this actually is:

Potemkin village? Vegas baseball-themed shopping mall? Whatever it is, the Cardinals are getting $116 million in tax kickbacks to help build it. Also, Third Eye Blind will be at the grand opening, which just rockets it to the top of my list of grand openings to avoid at all costs.

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7 comments on “Cardinals opening world’s first fake-stadium-slice-shaped-mall, I guess?

  1. This is the new subsidy direction baseball is taking now that most teams have con new billion dollar parks. In order to keep parks filled after boomers die off. Again on the tax payer backs. Keep eye on angels,Mets,and braves.

  2. ooh They have twitter hashtags already suggested for the BPV venues.

    Although I’m thinking there’s a few ways to interpret #HowlatSTLBPV #EatTedDrewesatBPV

  3. How about #MyF’inTaxesPaidForThisBoondoggle?

    Guessing that one didn’t make the cut…

  4. What? Another mall in downtown StL?
    There’s already a mall at America’s Center, next to the Ed Jones Dome, AND there’s a big shopping strip inside their Union Station near the Scottrade Center.
    Granted, I haven’t been down to StL in a few years, so the district around the Ed may be a desolate ghost town by now, but…
    …How many do they need?

    This development is, if true…unseemly, redundant, and unnecessary. Another downtown mall? Sheesh.

  5. Don’t you see the genius here?

    Seats outside the ballpark across the street… so in 3 years, the Cardinals can demand that the city compensate them for lost revenue due to these illegal seats… that the Cardinals own, of course.

    But when has that ever stopped a shakedown?

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