New Vikings stadium to be twice size of Metrodome, the better to sell you things

If you know me, you know that I love this stuff, so without further ado I give you the Minnesota Vikings‘ overlay comparison of the Metrodome and their new $1 billion stadium:

Yup, that sure is big. And even if the peak of the roof is just roof, those upper-deck seats at the new place are likely to be awful.

The Vikings also report that the total floor space inside the new stadium will be nearly doubled, from 900,000 square feet to 1.75 million square feet. And there you have the real reason for new stadiums: more space to sell you crap. Not that the crap they’ll be selling you would likely be worth enough to repay the billion-dollar construction tab, but fortunately for Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, he doesn’t have to worry about that.

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6 comments on “New Vikings stadium to be twice size of Metrodome, the better to sell you things

  1. I’ve been wondering how much wider today’s NFL seats are vs. 30 years ago. If each seat is even a couple inches wider, that really ads up over 60,000 of them. Put that together with having more publicly subsidized restaurants within the facility to compete with local private businesses that pay property taxes nearby, and it’s no surprise that it takes far more room to provide a sedentary experience to NFL fans these days.

  2. You’re darn right I don’t have to pay for it, amigo.

    I loooove the smell of public stadium cash in the morning, baby!

  3. When the Packers asked season ticket holders whether they’d support getting rid of bench seating, they estimated that the original 60,000 seat Lambeau bowl would only hold 45,000 individual seats. The Metrodome didn’t have bench seating but seat width, leg room and a likely steeper seating bowl are probably big reasons here.

  4. No different than a sheepherder moving the flock to where he wants it to go, they don’t have a life or cognitive reasoning.
    Bahh-bahh sell me worthless stuff and “food”, I’m a sheep – tell me what to do bahh-bahhh!
    The “modern” sports fan.
    BTW – if/when the economy really tanks will the owners of “your” team/franchise
    help you out if you have financial problems
    after being a loyal customer?

  5. Come on, NFL fans pay $100 for a shirt with a number on it. I’m surprised that it’s only twice the size. I would have made it four times the size know what these suckers are willing to pay.

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