NBA commish to Charlotte: Give Michael Jordan $42m in small bills, or never see your All-Star Game again

Apparently that clause in the Charlotte Bobcats‘ lease that requires the city of Charlotte to keep their arena “economically competitive” isn’t enough for the team owners (some guy named Michael something) to feel confident in getting their $41.9 million in public subsidies for arena renovation, because they’ve now pulled out the big guns:

The NBA commissioner wants to put the all-star game in Charlotte, but first he wants to see upgrades at the 9-year-old uptown arena.

Adam Silver, who became commissioner in February,  called for improvements to the luxury suites, scoreboards and lighting during a 20-minute press conference with local media Monday afternoon.

The All-Star Game is at stake, people! If you don’t put up $41.9 million, you will miss your chance to see a bunch of famous names go out on a court and play a lackadaisical version of something akin to basketball! Or, you know, not.

7 comments on “NBA commish to Charlotte: Give Michael Jordan $42m in small bills, or never see your All-Star Game again

  1. This could be interpreted as NBA (or the Bobcats, at least) slapping the value of having an All-Star Game in town at just under $42m, which LOL.

  2. Ugh. It’s things like this is why I’m liking sports less & less every year. I wish somebody would stand up to elitists like Silver & the NBA. While I’m clipping coupons & staying home to save money…

  3. I am waiting when six teams have in their contracts, must be one of the top five facilities in the league. Does that put everything an infinite renovation loop.

  4. Time to start breaking out the RICO act on these professional leagues. Many of them are starting to behave like the mob.

  5. Do you really think they would be so crass as to accept marble without at least some gold or platinum plating? How gauche can you get?

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