Orlando approves $84m soccer stadium plan, again

The Orlando city council, which last October unanimously approved an $84 million stadium for the Orlando City Soccer Club that will be paid for about half with public money, approved it again yesterday, because why the heck not?

Yesterday’s vote was apparently on the actual construction and operations agreement, which I can’t find anywhere online, so no clue whether there are any surprises in it. Orlando City S.C. is still looking to get an additional $30 million in state tax kickbacks, which would kick the total stadium cost to $114 million, $70 million of it public dollars.

Orlando City is set to begin play as an MLS expansion team starting in 2015, but the stadium won’t be finished until 2016, meaning the team will likely play its opening season at the Citrus Bowl. The stadium design — which should be interesting, given that even $114 million is pretty cheap for an 18,000-seat soccer stadium — will be revealed later this month, not that that stopped one local TV station from using a rendering of what the stadium almost certainly won’t look like.

8 comments on “Orlando approves $84m soccer stadium plan, again

  1. Can’t wait til this stadium becomes ‘outdated’ by 2025, and the team demands more money for a renovation or (gasp!) a new stadium.

    It’s happened here before, and I wouldn’t bet against it happening again.

  2. kei wrong sport. That isn’t happening yet in soccer. Soccer has young demographics who are not yet crooked politicos. Also no soccer teams get operating subsidies which are now becoming common in hockey wanna be cities. Just as an example Columbus hockey 350mil bailout and 10mil a year in subsidies. Columbus soccer zero.

  3. Wait for it:


  4. “Soccer has young demographics who are not yet crooked politicos.”

    Irrelevant smokescreen. Buddy Dyer and Teresa Jacobs both supported this stadium project, and hardly anybody sees them as paragons of political virtue.

    Just you wait. Time will come when the team asks for more money to be funneled into this stadium… specifically, public money.

  5. I did say yet. Let’s face the facts government has picked winners and losers. Boxing was allowed to fade, and so was horse racing. competing business will also ask for hand ours. They would be stupid not to at least ask. Not making excuses but does a business sit by while their competition recieves half a billion in govt support.

  6. This article is a joke. First of all, the tax money was tourist tax dollars, not taxpayer dollars. Tourist Tax Dollars are set aside for specific ventures that drive tourism, entertainment, and sports. Secondly, you misquoted the amounts…its $85 million, not $84 million. Fortunately you do not write for a well known, major news outlet….where people actually see it

  7. “First of all, the tax money was tourist tax dollars, not taxpayer dollars.”

    I think I’m just going to stare at that one for a while.

  8. Taxes are taxes! However does the soccer business feel quilty for 70mil when the basketball team has received a least a billion.