Friends don’t let friends watch basketball games in football stadiums

Kentucky and Connecticut are going to face off tonight at the Dallas Cowboys‘ AT&T Stadium for the NCAA men’s basketball championship, and somebody is going to sit in these seats, and it is going to suck:

It’s the highest row in the deepest corner of the venue that will welcome over 75,000 fans on Saturday and Monday night.

“It’s about what I thought it would be. I knew it was huge, and I knew we were going to be way up high,” Jane says.

Will they get their money’s worth after spending almost $1,000 to watch a game from a distant perch of Jerry’s World?

“We’ll see, but I doubt it.”

I’d go on a rant about how awful it is that the NCAA chooses to play its biggest games in buildings that are absolutely terrible for basketball, but really, if 55,000 people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to sit in seats that would be above the rafters at a regular basketball arena, who’s to tell them no? (It’s not like those extra seats make the first 20,000 seats any worse. Well, much worse — those first couple of decks after the bottom one look to be a mile from the court, thanks to being set up for football.) Instead, how about you read a rant about how the actual players making the games possible won’t receive any of the proceeds from those tickets, or even from t-shirts honoring them in particular? It’s a great way to get in the mood for tonight’s big celebration of amateurism and the pure love of sport!

10 comments on “Friends don’t let friends watch basketball games in football stadiums

  1. Oh gosh, not Zirin. I’d bet my WWE Network subscription that 20 years ago he was an ace cheerleader for publicly funded stadiums.

  2. It’s an untamable beast. Move the Final Four back to actual basketball arenas, like so many fans seem to want, and the ticket prices there would approach Super Bowl levels.

    At least the cities that host this event get a few million bucks in tax revenues from having it in their venue. Will go some ways toward paying off the $500+ million that they shelled out to build their own JerryWorld’s, I’m sure.

  3. Is it just as bad or worse than hockey in baseball or football parks? People just want to brag they were there and send out a pics on their smartphones.

  4. You lose, Ben. I first met Zirin at a speaking event close to 15 years ago, and he was if anything more rabid against public stadium subsidies than me.

    I don’t agree with him on everything — I have no idea what he was going on about with the #cancelcolbert thing, for one — but he’s nothing if not consistent.

  5. If there’s enough people & interest, they can sell anything. Things only change if people stop buying & going.

  6. I’m sorry but if anyone was dumb enough to buy those seats they deserved what they got.

  7. Neil,

    Should I buy you a gift subscription or you just want my pwd? (Same for if that sweetens the pot)

  8. And come to think of it, 15 and 20 years are very different in the stadium game. I think Sports Illustrated, for example, had their anti-subsidy awakening between ’94 and ’99.

  9. That price is insane.

    I was at the Chris Webber time-out game whenever that was and I paid $60 on the secondary market for tix that covered all three games.

    Seats were not great (Supedome) but I could see the court well (and the speed with which the guy next to me started screaming that it was a technical foul on Webber still baffles me) and they were pretty reasonable given it was the Fab Five, UNC, Kentucky and Kansas. And yes that is my lawn you are on.

  10. Jonah Keri is at the game. Sort of: