Even regular rainwater has it in for the Oakland A’s

In case you missed it, the Oakland A’s just completed a first week of the season that included not only yet another sewage backup but a rainout when it wasn’t raining:

David Rinetti, vice president of stadium operations, said the team’s “weather consultant” informed the A’s no storm was expected overnight, and groundscrew chief Clay Wood did not tarp the field, preferring to further dry it out after recent rains.

“In the last week, we’ve had more rain at the facility than we had since I’ve been here,” said Rinetti, an A’s employee for 34 years. “The field has taken a big hit all week. . . . Unfortunately, we were wrong on the amount of rain and got about a third of an inch of rain last night. We got here this morning, and the infield was underwater.”

This, at least, is something that’s easily fixable: It’s trivial (if not necessarily in cost) to rip up a field and put in modern drainage. Not that it’s probably worth the expense, given that the last A’s rainout before this was in 1998, and, you know, California. But it’s less an embarrassment of an outmoded stadium than a weathercaster oopsie.

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5 comments on “Even regular rainwater has it in for the Oakland A’s

  1. There was no sewage backup last week, just rainwater flooding. Slusser shared a video from Mike Gallego that showed clear water coming up the drain. And the sewaga backup last season was caused by someone stuffinf a towell down a toilet. The media has been ridiculous and inaccurate on this issue.

  2. As one of the A’s players tweeted- new tag line for o.co- “commitment to excretment”. Bottom line you don’t hear about fluid- regardless of its color- bubbling out of sewer pipes at other ballparks-

  3. I don’t know of any other stadia whose playing surface is below sea level. That explains the historically poor drainage of the field in Oakland. Doesn’t explain the lack of a taped field.

  4. I thought it was an “unidentifiable mass”, not necessarily a towel. Either way, the result was the same.

    officials found an unidentifiable mass in a sewer line

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