Chargers, mayor meet on stadium, talk mostly about weather

Stop the presses! The San Diego Chargers and members of Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s staff met yesterday to discuss a new stadium plan, and:

In a prepared statement, a spokesperson for the mayor’s office emphasized that the meeting was not the beginning of any formal negotiation on building and financing a new stadium, but more of an information-gathering exercise to learn more about the issue.

“The Mayor’s staff had an introductory meeting today with a Chargers’ representative,” said Matthew Awbrey, chief of communications for Faulconer. “It was an opportunity for both sides to meet each other in person, not the start of any formal negotiation.”

Okay, so actually maybe you don’t have to stop the presses. Except at U-T San Diego, where stopping the presses for the Chargers is already official policy, and which ran this story with the headline “San Diego stadium talks begin” that speculated wildly about where these non-negotiations will end up:

There’s no specific financing proposal, but the most likely plan would include contributions from the team and city with voters having to approve a ballot measure authorizing city resources as part of such a package. Another aspect could involve developing the city-owned sports arena property, where what is now known as the Valley View Casino Center is located, as part of any deal.

It seems pretty likely that Faulconer, despite his repeated insistence that he’s out to “protect taxpayers,” will be more aggressive about pursuing a stadium deal with the Chargers than his predecessors, especially given that U-T publisher and self-proclaimed stadium cheerleader Doug Manchester endorsed his candidacy. But “mayor, Chargers meet, don’t say whether they talked about anything” is an awfully low threshold for news. Let’s check back when something actually happens.

2 comments on “Chargers, mayor meet on stadium, talk mostly about weather

  1. The real negotiations are between Spanos and Kroenke planning for a shared stadium on the Hollywood Park site.

  2. I sense a great disturbance in the force… a great trove of public stadium cash is being withheld from it’s rightful NFL owners.

    Soon I will send Lord Rooney to San Diego. He will find new ways to motivate the San Diegans to give us what’s ours. Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen, muhahahahaha!