Chargers ready to put stadium on ballot … in two and a half years

The San Diego Chargers ownership has been plotting a new stadium approximately forever, and now plans on waiting a bit longer still: Chargers stadium czar Mark Fabiani has said he hopes to put a new stadium on the county ballot in November 2016, in time for the next presidential election.

And how would that new stadium be paid for, exactly?

The Spanos family and investment partners would put up roughly $400 million and seek a $200 million loan from the NFL. The rub comes in how the remaining roughly $400 million would be financed.

That’s indeed a rub. As is the fact that the Chargers don’t know where they want to build a stadium yet. (Or as U-T San Diego puts it, “they are open to ideas.”) Maybe another two and a half years will give them a chance to throw some more funding ideas at the wall and see which ones stick — though at a certain point, given the success of their neighbors to the north, you have to wonder if they wouldn’t want to consider “build it our own damn selves” as a less time-consuming option.

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3 comments on “Chargers ready to put stadium on ballot … in two and a half years

  1. At least the Chargers are starting to consider going back to their existing stadium site in Mission Valley. The idea of shoehorning a rarely used football stadium into the East Village with less than ideal parking and access issues just never made sense. Particularly after the convention center and its top conventions made it very clear they had no interest in using the space that the team was trying to sell as non-contiguous convention space for those 355 days a year the Chargers aren’t using the venue.

  2. What a joke. A countywide ballot would require countywide funding and the county doesn’t want anything to do with a new stadium.

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