Five things we learned about the Braves’ new stadium, if you’re not picky about “things” or “learned”

As long as I’m summarizing other people’s articles so you don’t have to this morning, let’s tackle Atlanta’s 11Alive TV station’s piece on “five things we learned about the Braves‘ new stadium” during an “exclusive” visit with team officials. The five things:

  1. Braves officials are touring lots of other stadiums to see what they want!
  2. The Yankees have won lots of World Series and the Braves haven’t, but the Braves are going to “celebrate” whatever history they have!
  3. Populous stadium architect Earl Santee says the new Braves field will have “intimacy” unlike the Yankees’ new stadium! Which was designed by Earl Santee!
  4. Santee says the stadium will “embrace more of the Southeast region architecture-wise” so “if we have folks coming from Charleston, they feel like they belong”! (I suggest a giant Waffle House!)
  5. The new stadium will be ready for 2017, unless it isn’t, in which case the Braves will have to renew their lease on Turner Field, but they won’t do that, because it will be ready! Really!

Number of people quoted in the piece: 3. Number of people quoted who are working for the Braves: 3. 11Alive’s motto, printed proudly at the top of its site: “Holding the Powerful Accountable.”

5 comments on “Five things we learned about the Braves’ new stadium, if you’re not picky about “things” or “learned”

  1. Oh that’s just a gift…

    Can we christen this a “santeeism”? Hard to define, but an example would be “if you don’t hire me to do this for you you run the risk of making the same mistakes I made on my last project”

    Or we could just call it hubris and be done with it.

  2. Apparently the money handed out to build up the neighborhood around the Georgia Dome managed to vanish. I wonder if this time it will be different?

    Here’s the story from WSB:

  3. They do hold us accountable. We have to pay them off all the time to report things our way. It’s accounting 101, very accountable says my bookkeeper. We just have to keep the proverbial secret set of books on that one, haha.

  4. Oh, yeah, Populous/HOK will do a fine job on a new ‘intimate’ stadium for Atlanta. Just like their idea for a new Fenway back in 1999. Nothing more intimate than 4 decks and binocular holders.