Angels economic impact study was conducted by subsidiary of Angels’ new concessions contractor

And now for something completely different: actual journalism!

The company that produced a favorable report on the economic impact of the Angels, which city officials have touted as they mull a controversial new lease framework for Angel Stadium, is related to another company that won the baseball team’s food and beverage concession contract soon after the report’s release, records show.

That’s from the Voice of OC, one of the nonprofit journalism sites that’s sprung up in recent years, which reports that the study that found that the Los Angeles Angels generate $200 million an annual economic impact for the city of Anaheim (a figure that the Orange County Register had already thoroughly debunked) was conducted by “Conventions, Sports & Leisure International LLC or CS&L, a subsidiary of New York-based Legends Hospitality Holding Company LLC.” Legends is first and foremost the company that the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys set up to run their concessions at their new stadiums, and it recently won the Angels’ contract, too.

The Voice of OC was actually tipped off to this story by one of its commenters, but still, props to them for actually reading their comments and doing the followup reporting. Not to mention props for getting this quote from Los Angeles good-government advocate Bob Stern: “The question would be to them: What were you thinking?”

Angels owner Arte Moreno’s lease subsidy demands are still on hold, in case you were wondering. Given his past behavior, this means it’s probably about time for him to threaten to move to Rancho Cucamonga.

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3 comments on “Angels economic impact study was conducted by subsidiary of Angels’ new concessions contractor

  1. So maybe high school, college, and professional sports have helped cause the obesity epidemic. Spectators are sitting in bleachers consuming soda, cheese nachos, beer, and hotdogs (and making stadium proponents rich). And we taxpayers are subsidizing the stadiums adn bleachers. One school district in my area that has had problems passing levies is spending $350,000 for making “safety related” repairs to stadium bleachers. I guess the fat spectators are wearing the bleachers out.

  2. Look at the players on field and the fans, that will tell you which sports will actually provide any cardio benefits to children. You will notice the more boring the game the more eating and heavier the fans.

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