I went to the funeral of a baseball team and all I got was this $220 bear head

Well, I didn’t, but somebody did. For more on the liquidation sale of the former independent-league baseball Newark Bears, held at the $30 million stadium that the city of Newark built specifically for them 15 years ago and which will now sit empty except for high-school and college games, see my latest article for Sports on Earth.

6 comments on “I went to the funeral of a baseball team and all I got was this $220 bear head

  1. Wasn’t this the case where Newark was mulling an MLS stadium, but the ossified local baseball writer lobbied hard to build a park for the Bears instead?

  2. $30 million for high school and college games? Sure. Why not? Can’t have them play on a ball diamond, with a traditional backstop and quaint old bleachers.

  3. Ben: Not as I remember it — MLS was barely in existence then. There’s always an ossified local sportswriter lobbying to build something, though.

    Tim: Well, sunk cost. It was built for the Bears, but now that it’s there, they may as well use it for something.

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