Opposing sides in Braves stadium controversy still opposed

A group of people opposed to spending public money on an Atlanta Braves stadium in Cobb County have written a letter saying they don’t want Cobb County to spend any more money on an Atlanta Braves stadium, and a guy who runs a pro-stadium website says the county should go ahead and spend money, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. This is what passes for newspaper journalism research these days, people.

Meanwhile, still no word on all of those unresolved agreements that could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars in costs that the Braves and the county have to agree on before bonds can be sold this summer. Which does support Cobb Citizens For Governmental Transparency’s contention that county officials are giving them “the royal run-around” over revealing specifics of the spending plan. Sure would be nice if someone asked Cobb County officials what’s up with that. Maybe somebody paid to ask questions of elected officials for a living. Hmm, what are those people called again?

One comment on “Opposing sides in Braves stadium controversy still opposed

  1. One of Cobb County’s largest employers, Genuine Auto Parts, is located in a wooded office park next to the stadium site. Now they’re threatening to move. Which is funny because the stadium supporters have claimed that it would be great for business. Guess not every business is thrilled about having access to their offices screwed up a quarter of the year.