Bills, Cuomo target July for team sale, stadium subsidy plan

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Buffalo Bills stadium task force, or about the Bills’ founding owner being dead and the team needing a new one, but according to the Associated Press, that doesn’t mean nothing is happening behind the scenes:

The Buffalo Bills could identify a new owner within three months, leading Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s stepping up the state’s efforts to secure the franchise’s long-term future in the region…

The updated timetable has led Cuomo to speed up the state’s involvement in protecting its interests in preventing the Bills from relocating. The state intends to hire a consulting firm over the next week to produce a report within three months that would be issued to prospective owners. The report would identify potential stadium sites and outline public financing options that would be made available…

The working group is expected to take six months or longer before making its recommendations, well after the team could be sold.

That’s all a bit vague, but suffice to say that the Bills still want stadium money on top of the $227 million for renovations they got last year, and Gov. Cuomo still wants to give it to them. And the AP and other news outlets are going to sit and report on the timetable, because investigating potential stadium sites, public financing options, and which of either of these might be good ideas before the state and Bills decide what they want would be jumping the gun, right? Good newspapers only report on the news after newsmakers have told them what it is, not when it’s just lying around with nobody important commenting on it.

2 comments on “Bills, Cuomo target July for team sale, stadium subsidy plan

  1. Didn’t the $227m in stadium welfare come with a catch? Namely that the Bills not relocate for another 10 years?

    So, then the urgency here is… umm… misplaced?

    A new owner will inherit any existing commercial deals and be bound by any commitments made by Mr. Wilson. So, unless the city and state specifically included language that releases the team from it’s responsibilities in the unlikely event that it’s then 94yr old owner died….

  2. “Good” newspapers only report what we NFL owners pay them to report, hehe. The rest of the newspapers are “bad”.

    BTW, it’s refreshing to see another governor totally on board with our plans. I don’t have to tell you how expensive it is to keep buying governors, do I? Sure we billionaires live a life of ridiculous ease and luxury and privilege, but we have challenges too, goldarnit!