Voters approve $260m in new sin tax money for Cavs, Indians, Browns

The extension of Cuyahoga County’s “sin tax” on alcohol and cigarettes passed yesterday by a 56-44% margin (with 97% of precincts reporting), providing an estimated $260 million over the next 20 years to fund venue improvements — including in at least one case a new scoreboard — for the Cleveland Cavs, Indians, and Browns. If the tax had failed, the teams had threatened to … well, we’ll never know what they were threatening to do now, will we?

With the votes counted, the next challenge is to figure out whether this ballot lives up to the 100-to-1 rule, where stadium funding is only approved in public votes if the proponents outspend opponents by more than that margin. At first glance this rule still holds — the three teams spent “at least $1.8 million” on the pro-sin-tax effort through early May, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, while opponents reported raising only $6,500 — but another group spent $125,000 on last-second TV ads opposing the plan, which would make the spending ratio more like 13:1. Unless the teams had a last-second spending splurge of their own, which is always possible. We’ll just have to wait for the final box score.

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One comment on “Voters approve $260m in new sin tax money for Cavs, Indians, Browns

  1. I am sorely tempted to start doing my beverage buying in Lorain County, simply as an alternative to weeping in powerless frustration.

    Meanwhile: sorry, rest of the country. If you were looking for some community to push back on this kind of thing, I’m afraid you’ll have to keep looking. I’ll be looking right along with you.

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