Las Vegas hockey team not building inflatable arena on casino roof after all

Aw, man! That Las Vegas minor-league hockey arena on a casino rooftop that sounded too crazy to work turns out, in fact, to be too crazy to work:

The Las Vegas Wranglers hockey team Wednesday has pulled the plug on its ice rink-arena project at the Plaza hotel parking lot in downtown Las Vegas because it cost too much, leaving fans wondering about the team’s future in Las Vegas.

“We’re disappointed. It was a cost issue. It was a time issue,” said Billy Johnson, Wranglers president. “It’s heart-breaking for me.”

Johnson said he will pursue “other opportunities” to find a new home ice for the independent Double-A East Coast Hockey League team, but acknowledged that there’s “always that chance” that the Wranglers’ next season — and future in Las Vegas — could be jeopardized.

The Wranglers had already modified their plan to put the arena in the casino parking lot instead of on the roof, because building an inflatable 3,500-seat arena on a rooftop turned out to be, surprise surprise, crazy expensive. Except apparently it’s too expensive to build in the parking lot, too. With the Wranglers actually kicked out of their current home at the Orleans Arena as of this fall, it seems pretty likely that the team will now relocate, but maybe somebody else has some more crazy ideas up their sleeve.

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3 comments on “Las Vegas hockey team not building inflatable arena on casino roof after all

  1. My crazy idea would be that teams in the East Coast Hockey League should, you know, actually be on the east coast.

    And maybe in places where ice does form naturally on occasion.

    Maybe Billy was just as heartbroken when he learned there is no Santa Claus too.

  2. Maybe they should move to Seattle’s KeyArena and work out some deal with the NHL for their entry into the league if they achieve a winning season and fans show up. Hey, I bet this would make for a good movie…

  3. Why not try the Fiesta ice rink? With some modifications,. I think it is a lot cheaper than the parking lot idea.

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