Braves stadium will face south, the better to see their new artificial lake

New Atlanta Braves stadium rendering porn! Looks like the Cobb County facility will have, um, an artificial lake? And a, what’s that in left-center field, a restaurant? An aquarium? And four decks of seating, or maybe five?

The most interesting rendering is probably this one, since it finally gives a sense of perspective on which way the stadium will face:

Braves officials at first indicated that the stadium would face southwest, which would be kind of crazy, given that that’s where the sun is during the afternoon, which is when baseball games are played. (Batters face east in most baseball stadiums, which is why left-handed pitchers are called “southpaws.”) They later changed that to “south,” and it looks from this rendering like it’s slightly east of south — one reporter tells me that the stadium designers now say it’s 22º east of due south, which would still be the most southerly-facing stadium in MLB. (Comerica Park in Detroit, the current record holder, looks to be about 28.5º east of due south.)

Anyway, it’s all fun to speculate about, especially since there’s nothing else really to say about the Braves’ stadium plan … what’s that? The transportation improvements that could still cost the county an additional $160 million on top of its $276 million in stadium construction costs? Reply hazy, ask again later.

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  1. The ceremonial fly-over by armed forces will be really easy, considering Dobbins AFB has a runway pointing just a little bit north of the stadium site.