Cubs put a mural of Comiskey Park on Wrigley Field wall

The Chicago Cubs have been celebrating Wrigley Field’s 100th birthday this year, even going so far as to temporarily repaint the ballpark’s iconic sign green and gold to match what it was in its inaugural season. Unfortunately, somebody else’s attention to detail wasn’t quite as strong:

I looked more closely at the photograph and took a hard look at the rather blurry background.

Arched windows. Not distinct, but definitely there.

I turned to others standing in line, or maybe to no one in particular, and said, “That’s not Wrigley Field. That’s Comiskey Park.” Fans in my near vicinity stared at me with blank expressions, as if I had claimed that Lake Michigan was really the Atlantic Ocean.

Blank stares or no, Chicago Now’s Floyd Sullivan got it right: This mural of “Charles Lindbergh at Wrigley Field” is actually of Charles Lindbergh at the White Sox‘ old Comiskey Park:

As someone who’s done a fair bit of photo research, I know that very often old photos are mislabeled, But come on: If you’re celebrating a baseball stadium, at least take a look at each photo to make sure you have the right stadium in the picture before you go painting it on a brick wall.

No comment yet from the Cubs management that I’ve seen, or from Charles Lindbergh.


5 comments on “Cubs put a mural of Comiskey Park on Wrigley Field wall

  1. This is why they are the worst organization in sport. A local TV crew caught them throwing out the anniversary cake in a dumpster, without a single bite.

  2. There was a lot of dispute about that: The Cubs blamed the Field Museum (I think) for throwing out the cake after the team sent it over there, at which point it had been sitting around outside all day. It was a PR blunder, sure, but I don’t know if it’s as good evidence for “worst organization in sport” as, say, Alfonso Soriano.

  3. Many of those cakes aren’t even made to be eaten. It’s ‘food’ in the sense that the majority of it is made from foodstuffs, but there are so many other things put into it so that it can actually stand up and take shape and appear to be something that it’s not.

    Sort of like Soriano.

  4. It’s amazing this team has any fans at all. But if you removed both teams & opened Wrigley as a bar & New Comiskey as a restaurant, nobody would really know the difference or care.