Heat arena subsidies cheaper than making a Michael Bay movie

I don’t especially disagree with the meat of this Miami Herald article on the Heat‘s lease extension proposal — though I’m not sure my assessment that it’s a reasonable price to pay for locking the Heat in for a few more years, if there’s nothing more to the deal we don’t know about, qualifies as a “thumbs-up” as the Herald puts it — but the lede, oh, the lede:

The Miami Heat sees a proposed arena agreement with higher government subsidies and fixed rent to Miami-Dade County as a more affordable option for the public than having to build the team a new arena.

“We’re trying to avoid a new stadium,” Eric Woolworth, the Heat’s president of business operations, told the Miami Herald Editorial Board on Wednesday. Added Jorge Luis Lopez, a Heat lobbyist and lawyer: “This is a conscious decision by the owner to avoid that kind of situation.”

Why, yes, giving the team about $6 million toward renovations would be cheaper than tearing down a 14-year-old arena that you abandoned a 12-year-old arena to move into. Other things that it would be cheaper than:

This is fun! So thanks, Micky Arison, for sparing the world the expense of all these other things you’re not doing. I can give an unqualified thumbs-up to that.


Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/05/21/4130204/heat-extended-arena-deal-cheaper.html#storylink=cp

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