Rooftop owners fire back at Ricketts, eschew building own death ray for now

Finally, the rooftop owners have been heard from in the Wrigley Field fight:

A lawyer for Wrigley Field’s rooftop owners accused Cubs owner Tom Ricketts today of having “buyer’s remorse” and asserted that’s no good reason for the team to break a long-term revenue-sharing deal with his clients.

In his first interview since the rooftops retained him in an upcoming legal war over expanded signage at Wrigley, Charles Tompkins made his view clear that the rooftops and not the team are the offended party in the continuing Wrigley rebuild drama. He gave every indication that that argument will become the basis of a court action, perhaps within days.

Okay, fine, all well and good, retaliatory blow in the media war and all, but wake me when we get to the lawsuit, okay?

For all the excitement, this is ultimately going to come down to a judge (or more likely arbitrator) somewhere ruling on whether “expansion” means “expansion of seating” or “adding structures onto the building,” which may be a boring semantic debate, but it’s the only semantic debate that is going to make any difference.

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