D.C. councilmember opposes United stadium plan without streetcar funding

One of the 13 members of the D.C. Council has come out against Mayor Vincent Gray’s D.C. United stadium plan unless the council restores money to build a streetcar line to the site. No, really:

In an ominous change of heart for Gray and the soccer team, [Councilmember Tommy] Wells tells LL that he’s leaning towards voting against the stadium now that Council Chairman Phil Mendelson‘s budget cuts streetcar funding. With Mendelson’s detractors saying that the streetcar line to Buzzard Point and the stadium is endangered by the switch, Wells says he can’t back the stadium if it lacks new public transit, even though it would be close to Metro’s Green Line.

“Now that the Council has gutted that, I can’t in good conscience support a 20,000-seat venue with no new transit infrastructure,” Wells says.

I haven’t been seen any head counts of likely votes on the United stadium plan, but given that Gray was already facing an uphill battle with the council, this can’t be a good sign for the mayor.

One comment on “D.C. councilmember opposes United stadium plan without streetcar funding

  1. Close is a relative term here. It’s like a 20 min walk from the Navy Yard or Waterfront stations. And since there really isn’t any parking down there (even for the Nationals) most people will be Metroing in.

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