Cobb County can’t start building Braves stadium just yet, starts chopping down trees while it waits

If you’ve been wondering whether Cobb County would wait on its yet-to-be-negotiated-possibly-$160-million transportation agreement with the Atlanta Braves before moving ahead with stadium construction, wonder no longer, because they’ve got out their Super-Axe-Hacker:

Reports WSB-TV, which shot the above photo:

“They’ve been going very quick and we’ve seen that beautiful forest disappear in just a few weeks,” said Renee Ray who works near the new stadium site. “It’s amazing how fast it’s gone.”

“You can’t see anything but them working when you look out the window,” said Sharnetta Williams who also works nearby. “The trees are gone; it’s kind of depressing to see all that come down so quickly.”

There still has to be a bond validation hearing (presumably a Georgia thing) before actual stadium bonds can be sold, so it could be a bit yet before actual construction begins. But nothing says “we want this to be a fait accompli” like chopping down every tree in sight. Unless it’s pulverizing a 450-million-year-old rock formation.

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