Hartford to spend $60m on stadium to lure Double-A team from 10 miles away in New Britain

The mayor of Hartford, Connecticut wants to spend $60 million building a stadium to lure the New Britain Rock Cats to his city. That would be the minor-league baseball New Britain Rock Cats of the Double-A Eastern League. Mayor Pedro Segarra said that the stadium, which will cost the city $4.3 million a year in debt payments while the Rock Cats pay $500,000 a year in rent, will provide “an infusion of jobs and opportunities” for north Hartford, while preventing “the Rock Cats from leaving the state of Connecticut.”

We will now pause to allow you time to laugh, boggle, or sob incoherently at the state of humanity.

Nobody quite understands where this came from: The Rock Cats have had good attendance numbers and play in a stadium that is only 18 years old. There have been rumors that the team owners were talking about moving the Springfield, Massachusetts, but those have only emerged since the Hartford news was announced, so it’s impossible to say whether they’re real or a pretext. And in any case, New Britain officials don’t appear to have been given a chance to negotiate to keep the team in town; as recently as two days ago, the mayor of New Britain tweeted: “SPOILER ALERT: The Rock Cats aren’t leaving New Britain.”

So: $60 million for a stadium to lure a Double-A team from southwest Hartford County to central Hartford County, a distance of about ten miles. Happy Thursday.

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7 comments on “Hartford to spend $60m on stadium to lure Double-A team from 10 miles away in New Britain

  1. At first I thought the owners were the scum. It’s really are so called elected officials. They rig the elections, they can count on 60% of voters to be misinform from the lazy media. It’s so easy to spend and give away others money. These owners would be fools not to ask for the moon.

  2. ooh, maybe they can build that replica of ebbets field that they were talking about 15 or 20 years ago. does anyone remember that?

  3. I remember it. Thought that was going to be on some vacant stretch of land along I-91, though. Help me, Google…

  4. Nope, you’re right, I’m wrong: Ebbets Field replica was Hartford in 1998, it was another group that wanted to build a stadium for the Expos along I-91.



  5. Because baseball has done such wonders to turn Bridgeport around…………oh wait…..

  6. Cutting to the chase: New Britain will feel the need to give the team some kind of additional subsidy, all because the mayor of Hartford had to open his %@#$@#$ mouth and create a “problem” out of thin air.

    I think I’ll move to Hartford because it’s obviously a place that doesn’t have any real problems that need solving.

  7. HA, HA, HA, HA, biggest laugh since the-no-way-in-hell Pats fiasco. Yet another politician in a well-deserved struggling berg floating a desperate scheme to appeal to the sheep.
    New Brit-ann will end up holding the bag even though it’s the only place in that state that a minor league franchise has at least stayed in business for a prolonged period of time.

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