Cubs offer to bend on bullpen doors to get Wrigley reno fast-tracked

ESPN’s Jon Greenberg says Chicago Cubs execs think they can placate Mayor Rahm Emanuel by leaving the Wrigley Field bullpen doors alone:

“We’re ready, the revised package is done. We’ve communicated that we’re ready to take the bullpen doors [off the table]. I want to make that clear. There’s been some confusion about the bullpen doors and the location of the bullpen. We’re prepared to take the bullpen doors off the table for the landmarks…

“As far as we heard, that was a sticking point for the commission,” [Cubs vice president of communications Julian] Green said. “We are prepared to keep the outfield doors just the way they are so we can move forward. Obviously, we can revisit some of those things later.”

This is what’s called an olive branch. (Or maybe in this case an ivy twig.) Given Emanuel’s well-known record, Cubs owner Tom Ricketts is probably better off just letting the mayor curse at him for a month then wait for it to blow over, but then, given that Green told this to Greenberg and not to the mayor, this is likely more for public consumption than for City Hall’s. The Cubs are trying to be reasonable, people! They’ll back off of changing the landmarked bullpen doors for now and only ask to change them later! Because that’s the kind of mensches they are!

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