Miamians split on deal with Dolphins that nobody knows what it is yet

Much news out of Miami: Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez says he’s close to an agreement with Miami Dolphins billionaire owner Stephen Ross on how much the county will pay the team for each Super Bowl, college football playoff game, large soccer match, and maybe concert that it hosts at a renovated Sun Life Stadium. The money would come from existing hotel and restaurant taxes, and be used to help pay for a $400 million upgrade to the 27-year-old stadium.

How good or bad a deal this is, needless to say, depends on how much Gimenez is planning to pay Ross, and thought the county mayor said he hoped to nail down final details over the weekend, there’s been no announcement as of yet. The Miami Herald reported that the proposed fee for a Super Bowl is “expected to be between $3 million and $5 million”; that alone wouldn’t amount to to a lot when you consider that at best Miami would get a Super Bowl every five to ten years, but the payments could start adding up if Miami-Dade kicks in for more frequent events like college football and concerts as well.

Meanwhile, a new Herald poll shows that Miami-Dade voters are evenly split in their opinions of a deal with the Dolphins, whatever it may be, with 46% in favor and 46% opposed. They’re also pretty much divided down the middle over the still-unfinalized David Beckham soccer stadium proposal (45% opposed, 43% in favor), but strongly opposed to the already-approved Miami Heat lease extension subsidy (53-38%), despite the fact that some guy in New York called it “reasonable.” Maybe Miami voters just flip a coin when they don’t know what they’re being asked to have an opinion on, but when they actually have details about how much it’ll cost them, they start to hate it? That seems a reasonable position to take.

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8 comments on “Miamians split on deal with Dolphins that nobody knows what it is yet

  1. Old people are against the privately funded Beckham, but are in favor of public money for the NFL. Young people want Beckham, but are against more public money the NFL. Everyone is against the Heat deal. Hypocritical soccer haters, Beckham is in trouble since old miserable people always vote.

  2. I understand not wanting to put your tax payers money into any stadium for billionairs but Miami needs to look at San Diego. That city next to Miami and New Orleans is probably the third favorite city that the NFL would want to play in. But since they never did anything with their stadium to upgrade or build a new one the NFL outright said we will not come back. I know people want to say to the NFL to go “you know what themselves” but they are in the driver seat and by not having an updated stadium means millions and millions of dollars that will not come into the south Florida area because there will not ba any more super bowls. And on top of that who knows if the Dolphins relocate. San Diego may just do that to get their stadium.

    Go back a few decades when Art Model the owner of the old Cleveland Browns want UPGRADES to their stadium (upgrades not a new stadium) and the city said no. So what did he do? He picked up his team and move to Baltimore where they built a new stadium. And what did the city of Cleveland have to do to get a new NFL team? They had to build a new stadium. Not upgrade the old they had to build a new one. So on top of all those jobs and taxes they lost the years they were without a team they needed to build a NEW stadium. To am things up, the NFL will get their way (and I do to like it) but they can bring money into the city. Besides why can’t the city give the money to them? They certainly didn’t have to when he stadium was originally built.

    Just say…

  3. Besides a soccer stadium may be big due I the Latin Americans in south Florida but it won’t bring in the Super Bowl or any college bowl games.

    PS They was a typo on my original post (I do not like it).

  4. Where would the Dolphins go? There is one major media market in the US that doesn’t have an NFL team and there will never be another team in LA. The people there don’t want it and the NFL likes to use LA as leverage against current markets. It is much more profitable as a threat than an actual location.

    The simple fact is there has never been evidence that these publicly financed stadia are providing the returns they promise. And the same goes for the major events that are supposed to follow them.

  5. City of Miami rejected Beckham this afternoon. Sure looks like the guy who brought the city the Marlin deal is still in control. Now they can focus on 400 million in subsidies for the NFL.

  6. Btw the city offered land next to Marlins. The same land mayor Diaz offered along with 50 million back when he screwed the tax payers back in 2008. Also Beckham 2 million offer would have been twice what the Heat pay for rent on land their free arena sits on.

  7. I feel there will be a team in LA, it could be the Chargers, Raiders or even the Jaguars. But if it’s a priority for the NFL to have a team in the second biggest market (I see no reason for it since they have been very successful with one for the past 20 years without one).

    The Dolphins can move to what was once mentioned as a location. North up in West Palm Beach. Yes it’s still in the area but the economic impact on the city of Miami and the county would hurt them. That stadium was state of the art back in its day but it’s fallen behind.

    Like I noted about the Browns/Ravens it would make sense to invest a small amount rather than a bigger amount down the road hen they try to lure a new franchise.

    It’s sad but the NFL has the cities across the country by the balls (excuse the expression). Look at the NBA playing in Oaklahoma City and the NHL playing in Columbus Ohio (who would have thought?). As long as there is a hungry city (as small as it may be) they have leverage to use against their current city. It’s sad but the NFL is lucrative for the city if the money is used properly and the taxes are beneficial to both parties.

    Up here in the Meadowlands (NJ) you can ask any Giant or Jet season ticket holder and they will say there was no reason to replace Giants Stadium. But they did. Grant it the NFL paid for the stadium (or financial ex without tax payers money) because the two teams are tenants but that’s because NJ gave them the land and NJ was responsible for the roads and infrastructure. Sound like the NFL made out like a bandit and maybe they did but the roads needed upgrades anyway and now we have the jets training site in NJ so on top of the giants we now have the jets and that means taxes and salaries and job whether to the stadium or their training sites. I’m no financial guru but things like this all have a trickle down effect and they can be good.

    That’s why I think they need to help renovate the stadium before it’s too late.

    Just saying.

    Signed a life long Dolphin fan from NJ looking to relocate to SE FL.

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