76ers asking NJ to build them a free practice space in Camden

The Philadelphia 76ers are looking to build a practice facility in Camden, N.J., and by “build” I mean “have the state of New Jersey build entirely for them with tax credits“:

The cost of the facility is still undetermined, according to the league source, who also didn’t divulge the amount in tax credits the Sixers will receive. However, another source believes it’s a dollar-for-dollar deal – meaning if the team spent $50 million on a facility, it would be entitled to $50 million in tax credits.

The Philadelphia Inquirer says that this would be “a major coup” for Camden, because … the city would be getting to host the Sixers’ practices but the state would be footing the entire bill, I guess? Not that there’s really any economic benefit to hosting Sixers practices unless whoever they trade Michael Carter-Williams for ends up making a lot of runs to the local supermarket for snacks, but sure, yay on Camden for getting something worthless for free! Though not as much as Sixers owner Josh Harris, who is clearly using his new New Jersey connections to lucrative effect.

4 comments on “76ers asking NJ to build them a free practice space in Camden

  1. A practice facility? Practice? We’re talking about practice … not a game … practice! (Hat tip to AI)

  2. This practice facility will go great with the minor league baseball stadium, concert shed, aquarium, and retired battleship that have changed Camden from being one of the most broken down cities in America to, ug, being one of the most broken down cities in America.

  3. “Al in Portland” won the internet today.

    Of all the subsidies in all the cities, this may be the most ridiculous. With actual stadiums and arenas at least there is some return. And even if it’s free, why would the 76ers want to practice in Camden? (Do players and coaches tend to buy homes in Jersey?) If you can’t get enough court time at Wells Fargo Center, build a little something in the vast South Philadelphia Sea of Parking Spaces.

  4. Keith – the Sixers are the only team in the NBA without a dedicated practice facility and rents from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Philadelphia proper made an offer to build a practice facility, at least according to Mayor Nutter, but if Camden is offering free, well free is free. It’s also a shot over the bridge and onto 95 to get to the stadium, which with traffic is faster than going from Center City to South Philly. Most players either live in South Jersey or the Main Line, so yes, it does make sense geographically. The Flyers practice not too far from there in Voorhees.

    Also, while Camden is a dump, the Riverfront area is actually very nice. Go two blocks in the wrong direction, well different story.