Tribune’s Cubs writer blames Wrigley reno holdup on bleeding-heart ivy lovers

Attention, budding journalists! Today we present a lesson in the many different ways to report a story. For example, say that the rich guy who owns the local sports team has abruptly changed his plans for renovating his landmarked home field and demanded a landmarks commission hearing on the double — without warning the mayor, who responded by telling said rich guy to cool his jets, the commission will get to it when he gets to it. You could write that up, well, the way I just did there. Or you could go the route of Chicago Tribune Cubs beat reporter Paul Sullivan:

It may seem ridiculous to some, but for love of ivy a massive $375 million project once again has been put on hold.

Yeah! Stupid ivy!

3 comments on “Tribune’s Cubs writer blames Wrigley reno holdup on bleeding-heart ivy lovers

  1. When the Trib owned the Cubs Sullivan didn’t stoop to this level (at least, not in anything he did that I read). Seems like the long arm of ownership may be reaching out to the paper…

    That said, it isn’t news that beat writers for any team are shameless homers (whether it’s evidenced in remarking on the ‘dedication’ of an overweight, disinterested, immoral and lazy outfielder making too much money, or on the installation of lights/ad boards/even more expensive box seats right in front of the ones the team sold as “front row” seats on a 20yr contract just two years ago…).

    I’d have been happier if Sully reshaped the article to better reflect reality: “Because of contractual agreements, historic landmark designations and various other laws of this country and state, a $375m project has not yet started”.

    But I guess that doesn’t make it sound like the delay is someone else’s fault (it isn’t)… so we can take our facts and shove ’em as far as modern journalism is concerned….

  2. Mark Gonzales is the Tribune’s beat writer for the Cubs now. Sullivan was moved off that beat to “roving columnist” or something a year ago.