Hartford residents slam Double-A stadium plan at comment session

Shadow puppet plays are one thing, but this item from Hartford is the first time I can recall a poetry slam breaking out at a stadium funding hearing:

In short, rhyming bursts, Chris Brown summed up the feelings Monday of dozens who spoke about a proposed minor league stadium in Hartford.

“In a startling announcement on the sunny fourth of June, from left field came a stadium surprise that afternoon. With dicey-looking figures and mathematic wiggle room, we saw the latest road map to efficient fiscal doom,” Brown told city council members during a public comment session at city hall.

“Must cities always kiss up to the whiter-collared set, when the needs of people living here you seem to just forget? Seems like fixing up our neighborhoods would be a better bet. Or plowing piles of snow instead of giant mounds of debt.”

There were plenty of other comments as well (“These stadiums always cost more than projected, and they generate much less”), though less metrically impressive ones. The Hartford city council still needs to vote on Mayor Pedro Segarra’s $60 million plan to build a stadium to lure the Double-A New Britain Rock Cats to move ten miles northeast, with a full hearing set for July 21. This could only be improved if all members of the council were required to hold their discussion in rhyming couplets.

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  1. Apparently only the cartoonist of Nancy knows for sure:


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