Brazil prepares for World Cup opener by throwing tarps over everything, hoping no one notices

The World Cup starts today, with host Brazil facing off against Croatia at 4 pm Eastern in the brand new Arena Corinthians in São Paulo. And how’s it going with the behind-schedule stadium? Great, if by “great” you mean “all the scaffolding is now covered by brightly-colored tarps”:

Meanwhile, Brazil’s stadium built in isolated Manaus in the middle of the Amazon rainforest is a sandy mess two days before it’s set to open with Italy vs. England, widespread protests continue against the estimated $14 billion the government is spending on hosting the World Cup, and John Oliver’s video on how horrifically corrupt FIFA is has three million hits on YouTube. I can’t wait to see how the World Cup announcers deal with all this on today’s broadcast — my guess is they’ll mumble something really fast and hope that it’s drowned out by caxirolas.

5 comments on “Brazil prepares for World Cup opener by throwing tarps over everything, hoping no one notices

  1. One of the “stairwells” leading into Sao Paulo Stadium… what could possibly go wrong?

  2. The Oliver segment totally sticks the landing, but with Platini backing away from supporting Blatter (who did a 180 on not running again), and with sponsors showing concern over the 2022 bid, there just might be some momentum behind change.

    Not that it will make any difference, mind. But getting rid of Blatter will feel good at least.

  3. Actually, I’m quite sure that the announcers and any news reporters working for a network even remotely associated with the World Cup rights holders will be prevented by contract from mentioning anything negative about the event… like the taxpayers who’s children will still be paying for this fiasco demonstrating and setting fire to the actual facilities etc.

    Of course, the 10 mile exclusion zone FIFA demands around all it’s facilities (also paid for by said taxpayers) will likely keep all but the most inventive of taxpaying citizen non-ticketholders a safe distance away from any of the execs… just like the TBTJ bankers in our countries…

    “Let them eat cake”, she said.

  4. Brazil, host of this year’s World Cup and in two years the summer Olympic games in Rio. With the protest against the World Cup, what’s going to happen in two years when Rio de Janeiro host the summer Olympic games?