Bills stadium gripes: Same as it ever was

Trending Buffalo ran across … well, let’s start with the quotes:

The latest chapter in Buffalo’s dismal epic of sports misfortunes involves the genuine danger that its only major league representative, the much-loved Bills, may skip town in a dispute over a new stadium. In Buffalo that would be tantamount to turning off the water supply and might move the generally law-abiding citizenry to open rebellion…

News editorial recently warned, ‘A community that cannot support major league sport in big-league fashion is relegated to second city status, inevitably.’ But move it must, or Buffalo will find itself forever branded as a city of bush-leaguers, bad losers and intolerable weather. It is likely that Buffalo is none of these things, but the dismal face it presents to the world neatly conceals its virtues. And they will probably remain concealed until a spectacular venture like a domed stadium can be executed.

Okay, a bit overwritten, but otherwise nothing out of the — wait, “only major league representative”? What about the Sabres? When was this written, anyway?

January 20, 1969

Warts, Love And Dreams In Buffalo

After Bills owner Ralph Wilson threatened to move the Bills to Seattle in 1971, the stadium was eventually built, sans dome, and opened in 1973 as Rich Stadium (after local food company Rich Products, in one of sports’ first naming-rights deals); it’s now Ralph Wilson Stadium, after you know who. The entire $22 million cost was covered by Erie County taxpayers. But at least now no one thinks of Buffalo as a city of “bush-leaguers, bad losers and intolerable weather.”


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4 comments on “Bills stadium gripes: Same as it ever was

  1. Well, people DO live there, so it’s not “Intolerable” weather. Horrific, maybe, but not intolerable.

    But yeah, what are the Sabres, chopped liver?

  2. The Sabres, along with the Senators and Panthers, are accommodations for the demand for Montreal and Toronto home games.

  3. I love spectator sports, but “tantamount to turning off the water supply “? No, I’d take running water first.

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