Live chat this Wednesday, plus: buttons!

The next Field of Schemes live chat will be this Wednesday, June 16, at 1 pm Eastern, or 10 am Pacific, or 11 pm if you’re in Almaty, Kazakhstan and want to discuss the 2022 Winter Olympics bid. All FoS Supporters at any level get to join in. (Archive of last month’s chat is now publicly viewable here.)

And speaking of membership having its privileges, the long-awaited Field of Schemes Supporter buttons are finally here on my kitchen table, and will begin winging their way to site supporters shortly. If you can’t live without one of these, or just want to help me keep devoting my time to reporting the latest stadium and arena news for this site, sign up today!

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3 comments on “Live chat this Wednesday, plus: buttons!

  1. I don’t really have any hot-button topics to bring up, but was this scheduled for Monday or Wednesday ?

  2. Sorry, technical difficulties. Will reschedule ASAP, and actually send out password to supporters.

  3. Cool… I have a few more days to research how WA state is going to follow up its moronic decision to lid the narrowest point of I-5 downtown with a huge convention center with the action of building the expansion on top of an existing transit station. Shades of Penn Station ?

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