Dolphins release renderings of new roof they’ll buy with their stadium boodle

Now that they’ve got their public subsidies, the Miami Dolphins have unveiled renovation plans for Sun Life Stadium, and whoa:

I guess that’ll placate Florida sports fans who don’t like getting rained on (if you don’t like getting rained on, why’d you move to Florida again?), and that’s what stadium roofs look like in the 21st century. (Light switch cover impaled on bed of nails? I’m going with that.) The team will also move seats closer to the field (no details, so no idea how this will affect soccer seating), add new scoreboard and “high definition lighting” (?), and improve food services. If that seems like not a lot for $350 million, that’s not Dolphins owner Stephen Ross’s problem, since Florida taxpayers are putting up about $100 million of it, with the NFL kicking in another $200 million via its G-4 stadium funding program.

Or, as SBNation puts it:

The $350 million renovation will be funded entirely out-of-pocket by owner Stephen Ross, with an agreement with Miami-Dade County that it pay the team every time Sun Life hosts a major event.

In related news, SBNation is still trying to figure out whether it’s a collection of fan sites or an actual news organization.

20 comments on “Dolphins release renderings of new roof they’ll buy with their stadium boodle

  1. I’ve pretty much settled on SBNation being a collection of fan sites with very little oversight regarding journalistic standards.

  2. Oh, maybe. Though if people are so insistent on getting out of the sun, then I *really* want to know why they moved to Florida.

  3. “Light switch cover” is an apt description, but I think you should make that “light switch cover IMPALED on bed of nails.”

  4. Is there a website out there dedicated entirely to vaportecture? If there isn’t, there should be.

  5. ChefJoe… Well, yeah. I thought that was the entire point.

    I think you just recited their mission statement.

  6. Cassidy: Good edit!

    MikeM: Agreed, especially if this will aid my campaign to get “vaportecture” into the OED.

  7. What gets me is the NFL wants this “cover” so the fans won’t sit in the rain at the next Super Bowl (like they did 1 out of 10 times) but they were eager to have the Super Bowl in New Jersey where there’s a good possibility of freezing rain. If you ask me I’ll take the rain in Miami in Feb over the northeast. The NFL got so freaking lucky this past Super Bowl. Days and days before te game it was below freezing for weeks and less than 24 hours after the game we had a blizzard. During the game it was mild. Lucky bastards. I was hoping for the blizzard on that Sunday so the NFL can’t threaten any other cities that want to build a stadium with “we will give you the Super Bowl if you build it” crap.

    I think the new canopy doesn’t look at that nice (but I’ll hold judgement until it’s completed) but…

    A) I’m glad it’s not completely covered like a domed stadium.

    B) If it can cut the heat that may get more fans who are not the true fan to go to a game or two.

    I’ve been to many games there and if you’re on the north side of the stadium like I was this past Nov it’s too hot to be sitting there. I love the heat and I don’t want to hear the “why move to FL?” comment. The heat is fine if your on the beach or doing almost anything else but to sit there for 3+ hours to watch a mediocre team people will just not do it. So I’m hoping this helps.

    And to the NFL the Super Bowl belongs outdoors and in a warm climate. The wether should not have an impact on the game.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  8. Well, I just did a Google search on “Vaportecture”, and incredibly enough, every link I saw took me to a deMause web-page. I stopped checking after a few pages.

    Race you to the copyright office, Neil.

  9. MikeM you got that right.

    Just a day sooner they’d be freezing their balls off (excuse the expression) and the day after they probably would have had to delay it because no one would have been able to get to the Meadowlands from NYC.

  10. Shouldn’t communities up North demand that they get to host a Super Bowl? By having one in New Jersey the NFL has let outdoor Super Bowl up North in the winter cat out of the bag. After all there are bigger and better stadiums up North than the stadium FKA Joe Robbie.

    I’m sure the folks in Foxborough, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Seattle, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Denver, Baltimore and Landover would like to have one at their stadiums as well. I think those cities by right should demand that they get at least one in a 30 year cycle.

  11. @Stan

    If they were to have the Super Bowl up north MOST cities would benefit but not as much as thy could if it was a warm weather city like Miami, Tampa or San Diego.

    a) People who go would just go for the game and not come earlier or stay later to enjoy the nice weather and things to do OUTSIDE. Most people who go are from north and won’t make a vacation out of it.

    b) I certainly don’t want to see the biggest game of the year decided on a ball fumbled and turned over at the 1 yard line because of bad weather. Good defense yes but not because of bad weather.

    c) If your paying THOUSANDS of dollars to see the game (not up mention hotel, car and plane) do you really want to bundle up for 6 hours (3+ for the game and a few extra for HAVING to be on the stadium early for security)? The NFL hot really lucky when it was in NJ. One day later it prob would have been postponed due to the blizzard. And what does that do for the ticket jold that may have to lave the day after the game for work? They had to either change their flight or give up the expensive game. Again the NFL got lucky.

    To me and a LOT others that does not sound like fun and it may start to take away from the whole experience and not to mention the game itself.

  12. “If they were to have the Super Bowl up north MOST cities would benefit but not as much as thy could if it was a warm weather city like Miami, Tampa or San Diego.”

    You’d think, but it’s actually the opposite. Why? Hotels in Florida and San Diego are already pretty full in February, because that’s where people from the north go to get away from winter, so Super Bowl tourists just end up displacing regular ones. Whereas if there’s one thing that can be said for holding the Super Bowl in Minnesota, it’s that nobody typically vacations in Minnesota in the winter.

    Not that this makes it a great deal in either case, for all the reasons listed previously. But what evidence there is shows that warm-weather Super Bowls are a complete waste for host cities.

  13. Maybe so but if you ask the average fan that will be making the trip from their home town, they would want a warm weather city over a cold one. Even when Indianoplis had the game although the stadium was right there in the city the people weren’t out and about as much (spending money) because of the colder weather.

    You have to remember this and not too many know it, the NFL does not pay one penny to use the stadium. For the city to make some money thy need people there for a longer stay and hopefully spend their money.

    And again I don’t want the bad weather to have an impact on the game. That would suck.

    AND not to mention besides the Super Bowl Miami would get the NCAA Chapionship game as well as other major events.

  14. “Maybe so but if you ask the average fan that will be making the trip from their home town, they would want a warm weather city over a cold one. ”

    Average fans don’t go to the Super Bowl, and so far there hasn’t been evidence that having it in a cold climate would somehow prevent every single ticket from being sold.

  15. Will this roof close? If not, no basketball ( although I think the NBA should do a few outdoor games like the NHL does).

  16. the best thing about that roof is that it appears to be absolutely hurricane proof. No broad planes for 100 mph cyclical or straight line winds to pick up and throw around at all.

  17. IMHO there are two parts to this –
    1. Steve Ross wants to unretrofit from the marlins, and remove the retractable seats where left field once was (the north side of the stadium). And he wants to include a roof and new scoreboards to entice more fans to spend money and come out.

    I haven’t found any supporting evidence, but suspect he can get some tax credit for making it more environmentally friendly.

    The money he will get from the county is based on events he bring in, but its not unreasonable to expect that will be more than $3 mil per year. In addition to the tax credits he gets on the back end.

    And 2. The NFL doesn’t want to come to Florida at all right now, because the state has said no to the NFL demands to basically exempt the entire NFL from taxes during the week(s) leading up to the game. Unless and until that changes, other cities will be in the rotation, stadium renovations or not.