Nothing says chillaxing like watching a D.C. council soccer stadium hearing

As of 9:38 am Eastern time, the “Brooklyn Wars” Kickstarter is fully funded! Huge thanks to everyone who chipped in — and if you want to get in on preordering (this will be your only chance to get rewards like the bonus zine), you still have until tomorrow at 5 pm to do so.

Meanwhile, this means I get to spend a couple of hours this morning watching the D.C. Council hearing on the proposed D.C. United stadium, and its accompanying $178 million or so in public subsidies. Right now, the manager of a soccer program funded by D.C. United is testifying. Let’s watch and see which side he comes down on!

Anyone who wants to play along, watch here and join me in discussing the proceedings below in comments.

15 comments on “Nothing says chillaxing like watching a D.C. council soccer stadium hearing

  1. Lew was talking about the varying appraisal values of the Reeves Center land when I left the computer for a bit. Came back, and he was still at it. His point appears to be “Aw, hell, nobody really knows how much this land is worth, so whatever.”

  2. “The proposal is not a handout or a giveaway. It is an investment in the city.”

    There really should be a term for government bodies buying property and then handing its use over to a private entity that makes clear this is only a public “asset” in the most technical sense. “Sock puppet ownership,” maybe.

  3. Ed Lazere of DCFPI just pointed out that not only does this deal mean handing over the Reeves Center land to a private developer to do whatever it wants to with it — not the typical city land use procedure — but it proposes building a new Reeves Center east of the Anacostia River, but has no mechanism for paying for it.


  4. The Reeves Center rebuild is how they got Marion Barry to buy in. He knows that this is a bad deal for the city but it’s great for his Ward.

  5. “B**ch set me up!”

    I’d say I cannot believe voters would ever re-elect a guy who was caught on camera doing what Barry was caught doing (and saying), but really, take a look around, right?

    Maybe it’s time for the human race to go extinct after all…

  6. Via Twitter, the United’s owners are refusing to disclose who actually owns the team, this follows the buyout of some sleazeball from Indonesia who bought into the team using embezzled money. So the pitch is “gift us $200 million but we won’t tell you who “us” is”.

    Pablo Maurer ‏@MLSist 1h
    Levien suggests he may not disclose his or anyone else’s ownership percentage in the club. #DCU

  7. Barry closed the deal that brought the fantastically successful Verizon Center to DC and Barry was the only city council member against the Nats Park deal due to the TV broadcast rights not being included with the team, making it one of the worst possible deals for the city. So I’d tend to trust him dealing with a sports franchise more than any of the rest of the council, but in this case the mayor has bought him off with one heck of a nice slice of pork for Barry’s Ward.

  8. No, actually Brian. It was more the whole crack smoking/cocaine addition issue… Do you not consider that a problem for an elected official in a position of both power and responsibility?

    As for entrapment, the standard definition of entrapment involves police doing the trapping… Ms. Moore was an FBI informant (and Barry’s girlfriend at the time), so it I disagree with you on the entrapment part as well. Had she been a police officer/FBI agent it would be a different story.

    If you read accounts of Barry’s third term, it’s pretty much a horror show as his drug addiction left him more or less incapable of performing duties (he often didn’t show up at the office until noon, then fell asleep promptly after arriving). He later admitted that he was out of control, and to some of the examples noted above.

    He’s no-one to look up to in my book. Perhaps you feel differently?

  9. DFFPI nails it: