Cubs: We went to our room and thought about it, now can we have our giant ad signs?

It looks like Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts is going to have to pay the price for suddenly upping his demands for Wrigley Field renovations to include seven ad boards, further expansion of the bleachers, and relocated bullpens without even warning the mayor in advance, and that price is … he’ll get everything he wanted, but have to make his bullpen doors smaller.

The Cubs said Monday they’re on the July 10 agenda for the Commission on Chicago Landmarks and expect to win approval for their revised plan to renovate Wrigley Field — including seven outfield signs, two of them video scoreboards — after a tweak to accommodate Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Of course, it’s always possible that Cubs execs didn’t ask Emanuel before making this statement, either, but I’m guessing they actually know what they’re talking about. Especially given that throwing a hissy fit and then eventually letting Ricketts have everything he asked for is exactly how Emanuel handled things last year.

Assuming the landmarks commission okays the plan next week, the only remaining obstacle would be a legal challenge from neighboring rooftop owners that the ad boards would violate their contract with the Cubs by blocking their views — a suit they still haven’t actually filed despite threatening to do so for months now. The rooftop owners did sue sports consultant Marc Ganis for libel for calling them “carpetbaggers stealing the product paid for by others for their own profit” — a suit that was dismissed yesterday. Which should come as no surprise, as believing that you’re right is a strong libel defense, and if there’s one thing that Ganis has made clear in his long career, it’s that he believes that the people signing his checks are always right.

5 comments on “Cubs: We went to our room and thought about it, now can we have our giant ad signs?

  1. The mayor just promise to give land east of lake shore drive for a star wars museum, even though it’s against law to build east of lake shore drive. Goodell should ask for a Super Bowl ready stadium.

  2. I think the Cubs should get a new stadium. Just get it done. The place is a hole. I usually don’t support governments funding stadiums, but like I’ve said many times before, I’d turn a blind eye to this project, because it’s so horrible and the fans are so ridiculously loyal, that I doubt they’d care about being taxed for building it. Just as long, of course, as it’s Cubs fans paying for it.

  3. Too many tourists buy cub tickets, Cubs don’t want to leave that area, it’s full of bars and clubs, if they year down they lose at least 1000 a game in ticket sales, that’s a low assumption. I’ve taken quite a few out of town buddies to games just because they wanted a Pic’s in front of the park.

  4. Great day for the law courts… a company president accuses (in writing, no less) someone of stealing something they are contractually and legally entitled to sell (rooftop views of a ballgame) under the terms of an agreement with the alleged ‘victim’ of the theft, and a judge rules that free speech means he can say what he wants.

    I hope they get some heating value out of the libel statutes when they burn them. Clearly they hold no other worth in the opinion of the Cook County courts.