Braves stadium wins another approval, but fans may have to park in Tennessee

The Atlanta Braves got another approval of their new $672 million stadium in Cobb County yesterday, as the county planning commission okayed zoning changes for the project. And there’s another new rendering of the stadium and its planned surrounding development, though it doesn’t actually look much different than the previous rendering. And, oh yes, it looks like Braves fans will have nowhere to park:

The Cobb plan counts on renting a large number of spaces from neighboring commercial developments. But many of them are saying no due to impacts on their own tenants, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reported last week. Connie Engel of Childress Klein Properties, which manages one coveted parking location, said they welcomed the team but didn’t want to concern tenants. The Braves are now looking at lots up to 3 miles away, the paper says.

That’s not so hot, and makes you wonder if this is one reason why the long-delayed transportation agreement is so long delayed: It’s tough to know what new highway ramps and overpasses will be needed to bring people to the games if you don’t know whether they’ll be arriving by car or long-distance shuttle bus. (But not express buses. Because That Would Be Wrong.)

The group Citizens for Governmental Transparency is also considering filing objections against next Monday’s planned approval of the stadium bonds, though they admit it’s a longshot.  CGT’s Rich Pellegrino, noting that the Braves deal included public money to fund defenses against legal challenges from the public, calls the whole thing a “‘Saturday Night Live’-type” situation — by which I hope he means that it’s something we’ve seen way too many times already, and it stopped being funny a long time ago.

Cue the renderings:

3 comments on “Braves stadium wins another approval, but fans may have to park in Tennessee

  1. There’ll be plenty of room to park in the retail areas they don’t actually build.

  2. Wasn’t the current parking situation the politically correct reason Braves fans said they needed a new stadium to begin with? Guess they will still have an excuse for why no one goes to the games