Rooftop owners say they won’t file vaporlawsuit if Cubs scrap all but two video boards

Whoa, check it out!

Rooftop owners have an offer for the Chicago Cubs, to avoid a lawsuit over Wrigley Field renovations.

And what would that be?

The rooftop owners say they will not sue the Cubs if the team installs only two new signs.

That’s two (a new scoreboard and one new ad sign) instead of the seven that Cubs owner Tom Ricketts wants, so no surprise that Cubs management ignored the offer and said buy ativan mastercard they’ll push ahead with trying to get all seven signs approved by the Chicago landmarks commission this week. Not to tell the rooftop owners how to do their job or anything, but if they’re going to keep holding out a promise to drop their lawsuit in exchange for concessions, they might want to actually file a lawsuit someday. Just an idea.

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