Hartford mayor scraps $60m bond sale for Double-A team, instead proposes “public-private” mumble mumble something

Faced with many many people very unhappy with his plan to sell $60 million worth of bonds to build a stadium for the New Britain Rock Cats, Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra accounced on Friday that he was scrapping the bond sale and replacing it with, um, splunge:

The council is expected to see a new resolution for the stadium at its Aug. 11 meeting, Segarra said. That plan would be contingent on the “public-private partnership” that has yet to be determined; proposals from developers are due Aug. 1.

From the sound of it, Segarra is now hoping that accompanying housing and retail development will somehow generate enough money to pay for the ballpark, though whether that’s “private developers are so desperate to build housing in downtown Hartford that they’ll fund a stadium just to get to do it” or “enh, let’s just kick in a bunch of property tax revenues to pay off the stadium bonds and call that ‘private’,” who the hell knows. It’d be nice to think that we’ll actually learn what the proposal is before the August 11 meeting — you know, so that people can actually comment on it — but don’t hold your breath.

One comment on “Hartford mayor scraps $60m bond sale for Double-A team, instead proposes “public-private” mumble mumble something

  1. Perfect example!
    Might work better if seen and heard…
    Gotta keep all the pol’s on their toes, sheeple!

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