NYCFC stadium news: There is no NYCFC stadium news

Hey, NYC F.C. Chief Business Officer Tim Pernetti, what’s new on your plans for a soccer-only stadium in New York City, or maybe outside New York City?

Pernetti said there was “nothing new to report” on their search for a permanent stadium deal. “Same boring answer I gave you guys a while back,” he said. “It’s taking some time but at the same time we want to get it right. We want to take the time necessary to make sure we get it right.”

And what about a training facility, now that Manhattanville College has rejected the club’s overtures to train there?

“We are still looking at a couple of different options on a training facility,” Pernetti said. “We are not ready to talk about where we are going to go yet. We are trying to get some things ironed out but we expect to have an answer on that pretty soon.”

Probably best to get used to the weird soccer seating chart for Yankee Stadium, since it looks like the team will be there for a while. Apparently New York is going to be the poster child for teams willing to put up with bizarro seating charts in order to play in the city — which probably makes sense, given the size of the market, but is still an interesting turn of events. And kind of makes you wonder why New York needed to spend so much money on new stadiums for the Mets and Yankees when you can apparently play in a studio apartment and still rake in the dough.

10 comments on “NYCFC stadium news: There is no NYCFC stadium news

  1. Tim Pernetti has never approach Brooklyn politicians on bringing stadium into BK I know this for a fact. BK is the biggest borough in NYC and can house a nice stadium.

  2. It can? Where? I can’t think of any significant acreage in Brooklyn that it’s already being targeted for condo towers or beer gardens.

  3. Floyd Bennett Field isn’t anywhere near public transit, so that’s not going to work. As for Coney Island, there’s some vacant land, but no large parcels, and it all just went through a major rezoning that would likely prohibit its use for a stadium.

  4. There’s a large parcel right next to MCU stadium. Development will never happen in Coney Island due race issues in the area

  5. Do you mean the stadium parking lot? That’s way too small for a soccer stadium, and in any event is part of the new R7D zoning, which requires residential over ground-floor retail:

    Yes, the zoning could be changed again. But it took five years to get it approved the first time, so I wouldn’t hold your breath about getting it reopened.

  6. Well. I hope a good location for a stadium. But i think i would go to see this team by car, train or even by bike.queesn brooklyn long island whereever