Milwaukee paper still fixated on where to build Bucks arena no one knows how to pay for

Oh, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel sportswriter Don Walker, what have you written now about the Bucks arena debate?

Stakeholders involved in the discussion of whether to build a new arena are in general agreement the building should be downtown.

In related news, the task force on whether we can afford a new car is in agreement that it should be red.

2 comments on “Milwaukee paper still fixated on where to build Bucks arena no one knows how to pay for

  1. If Milwaukee wants to Glendale itself, I say go right ahead. I used to live there, it was a nice town. I attended the occasional basketball game at the MECCA, which I liked because it reminded me of the University of Iowa fieldhouse, both in ambience and price. Milwaukee is now a post-industrial city trying to figure out how to stay “Major League.” But the nice things about Milwaukee don’t have anything to do with spectator sports, so they’re tossing their money in the wrong direction. If they asked the people of Milwaukee (and they won’t), the powers-that-be would find very few who give a hoot about downtown basketball, whether in a new or old arena. So, hey, if we’re going to have something very few people want, why not have it in a new, expensive place?

  2. Lately there seems to be a push for a Sacramento-style replacement of a dead downtown shopping mall. The Bucks also hired some guy who helped the Kings get money from Sacto.

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