Minneapolis council pushes to stop Vikings stadium from committing mass bird murder

Have I neglected to mention that the new Minnesota Vikings stadium is going to kill birds? Well, it’s going to kill birds. Thousands of them, according to the Minnesota Audubon Society, which says that migratory birds will crash into the stadium’s enormous glass window unless the Vikings spring for $1.1 million in glazed glass that birds will be able to tell apart from open air.

Now five Minneapolis city council members have introduced a resolution, to be considered tomorrow, to “call on” the Vikings and the state stadium authority to build a bird-safe stadium. Added one of the bill’s sponsors, councilmember Linea Palmisano, “Ironically, a thousand years ago, the real Vikings made use of birds for helping with navigation.” (And no, I don’t think that’s actually irony.)

Now, the Minneapolis council was never crazy about the Vikings stadium deal — it took a last-second flip of two members’ votes to get it approved — and this resolution is decidedly non-binding. It does help raise the profile of the bird issue, some, though (if an article in the New York freaking Times wasn’t enough profile), and apparently state construction guidelines require bird-friendliness, so the Vikings may yet have to spring for an extra million bucks for the fancy glass. Given that they’re getting $200 million more in state and city subsidies than the stadium is costing to build, they can probably afford it.

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3 comments on “Minneapolis council pushes to stop Vikings stadium from committing mass bird murder

  1. Amazon will only let me order 999 at a time, but for a 10% commission I will spend the next week ordering these bird-warning window decals for the Vikings. I suspect I can beat the $1 million dollar estimate.


  2. Well, I don’t think they’re any way of doing this without looking like they’re caving in to environmental nutjobs….not that I’m complaining

  3. Umm the birds will eventually figure it out. At least the ones that survive and their descendants. I think a lot of this bird safety stuff is kind of pointless because I suspect after the first massive die-offs the evolution is pretty quick.

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