Hornets, Charlotte to begin talks on $42m upgrade to 9-year-old arena

We haven’t heard much lately about the $42 million in upgrades the Charlotte Hornets (formerly Bobcats) owners want to keep their nine-year-old arena “economically competitive,” but apparently that’s only because everyone has been working it out behind the scenes. Charlotte city manager Ron Kimble says that talks on the upgrades will begin in the next month, while Mayor Dan Clodfelter said that “negotiations are going along very productively,” implying that … talks are already ongoing? Hey, who’s running continuity at the Charlotte Business Journal, anyway?

No one’s saying how much Charlotte would be putting up for the renovations, though given that city officials were dumb enough to put a state-of-the-art clause in the then-Bobcats’ lease when they built the arena back in 2005, it’s likely to be a sizable sum. Clodfelter says not to worry, because renovations are needed anyway to bring the 2017 NBA All-Star Game to town, which will surely make any new costs pay for themselves, right? No? Oh, well.

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