Hansen finds owner for nonexistent NHL team to play in nonexistent Seattle arena

Hey! Chris Hansen, the would-be Seattle arena building, knows a guy who wants to own an NHL team! He doesn’t have an NHL team, but if he did, he would totally agree to play in Hansen’s arena, which he also doesn’t have! In fact, they have an agreement to do so — a “non-binding” agreement!

To be slightly fairer, Vancouver, B.C., real estate baron Victor Coleman does apparently have at least some support in the NHL, according to KING-TV’s Chris Daniels, who reports that “one league executive describes him as ‘the real deal,’ and he was flanked by the NHL’s top leaders during a clandestine meeting in Seattle back in May.” Still, Hansen has made clear that he’s not building an arena until he has an NBA team, which he really doesn’t have. And anyway, getting approval from the NHL was never going to be the problem (though deciding on whether it would be a relocated team or an expansion team could take a while), it’s getting an arena, which see above re: no NBA team.

In other words, not much to see here, move along. Unless you just want to hear a man reminisce about the day that the Canucks played their first game.

2 comments on “Hansen finds owner for nonexistent NHL team to play in nonexistent Seattle arena

  1. I still wonder if Hansen has enough money to lose to make it happen. Ballmer is out of the Seattle game and I think everyone who read your breakdown knew he was the deep money that could afford to buy help buy team and operate an arena at a predicted loss.

    There’s plenty of people who want an “NHL first” option, but the deal, when first announced to Seattle was for both NBA+NHL to be on the hook before building an arena, then it was NBA first knowing Ballmer was part of the group… I don’t see the city council being gung-ho enough on this to suddenly think NHL first without Ballmer-billions is a good idea. Very, very few US NHL teams have a history of financial stability.

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