49ers have now ripped up entire field at new stadium twice before opening day

Oh hey, did I neglect to mention that the San Francisco 49ers‘ new stadium has a field that’s falling apart? Apparently the 49ers (or maybe the field itself) is trying to get my attention, because the team has now replaced the grass twice in the last week:

The thicker-cut field installed two days before Sunday’s preseason game against the San Diego Chargers was meant as a temporary solution because the sod cannot generate the deep roots needed for long-term use.

Now, team officials are also removing and making undisclosed “tweaks” to part of the sand base below the turf, and are ripping out the entire 2.5-acre playing surface, including the sidelines and the area behind the endzones, which had not previously been replaced.

Deadspin posted this photo from Instagram (the link appears to have gone dead), which, um, yikes:

The 49ers are footing the bill for all this, so the only harm done here is to the high school games that have had to be canceled rescheduled (they’ve been moved to Columbus Day weekend, with additional games added then as well), and maybe to any players who end up getting injured playing on turf that isn’t actually rooted to the ground. (The 49ers’ home opener is on Sept. 14.) Still, it’s a reminder that “new” doesn’t necessarily mean “better,” or even “done well.” Just think: If this happened at the Oakland Coliseum, people would be calling for the wrecking balls to start swinging before halftime.


3 comments on “49ers have now ripped up entire field at new stadium twice before opening day

  1. Neil, it’s unfair to compare the Oakland Coliseum grass to the 49ers sod. The Coliseum has a built-in sod fertilization system with the leaking plumbing. The 49ers didn’t think about that or their sod would be fine.

    All the A’s or Raiders have to do is to use the toilets at the Coliseum and the grass becomes greener in about two weeks. It’s a feature not a plumbing problem…

  2. Well, someone needs to build them a new stadium.

    I say this because new stadiums have been built because of smaller problems than this.

    “Our kitchens are too small!”