Cuomo task force nixes Niagara Falls as possible Bills stadium site (also, doesn’t know how to pay for anything yet)

Just two days after the Columbia Journalism Review reported on how the Buffalo news media is focused exclusively on where to build a new Bills stadium instead of whether to build one, here’s an article from the Buffalo News about where to build a new Bills stadium:

Consultants have narrowed the list of recommended sites for a new Buffalo Bills stadium to four best sites, and it appears all the finalists are within Erie County…

Not making the list of finalists are Niagara Falls and Buffalo’s outer harbor. The consultants determined they are good sites, especially Niagara Falls, but currently there are too many transportation hurdles.

The News can be cut a little bit of slack, since it’s just reporting on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s task force’s study of a new Bills stadium, which was supposed to be out in July but is still not finalized. (Cuomo should get less slack for launching a new-stadium study for a team whose $200-million-plus stadium renovation bill he just paid, but Cuomo needs all the slack he can get these days.) Still, focusing on a leak of selected information from an unreleased state report counts as spinning the news, especially when the bigger news — how much a stadium would cost and who would pay for it — is still unrevealed, something that got all of one sentence in the story.

Meanwhile, at least one upstate New York journalist is making the opposite argument: Auburn Chronicle political reporter Robert Harding writes that the Bills don’t need a new stadium, because the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs play in renovated stadiums, and they do just fine. (Calling the new Soldier Field a “renovation” is stretching things, but whatever.) Of course, lots of other teams without new or renovated stadiums have done fine, too — it’s the NFL, where every team owner gets to pocket a $200 million check just by showing up to play on TV — but then we’re getting into the whole question of what billionaire sports capitalists “need,” and that way madness lies.

4 comments on “Cuomo task force nixes Niagara Falls as possible Bills stadium site (also, doesn’t know how to pay for anything yet)

  1. Could they cantilever it over Niagara Falls? With a glass floor maybe, so we can watch the rapids roaring beneath the players feet as they run up and down the field. Some kind of see-through field turf will be needed as well.

    Sounds difficult? “No problemo!” as we say whenever tax funded stadiums are on the agenda at the annual Club of 32 winter meetings. We’ll need to commission a study or two showing the economic benefits of a stadium that costs 15 billion dollars and 9 years to construct.

    An old John Lennon tune comes to mind…

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the ony one.
    Wiith tons of taxpayer money
    New York can git ‘er done!

    (also we need some kind of super Niagara Falls zoning variance and the ability to ram it through public opposition, but that didn’t rhyme so I didn’t include it here).

  2. Oh also I forgot to mention, it will be obsolete in 15-20 years and we will have to build a new one, maybe downriver a ways.

  3. well with a stadium of todays NFL magnitude to secure it in a desired place you need a sponsor like chase who get the name on the structure, and some from the state but from a buisness standpoint its the crowning jewel of the entertainment venues if contracted for it is niagara falls usa