FoS supporter chat, Monday 9/8, noon Eastern

Since today is a day for celebrating all the people who do all the work and don’t get paid enough, it’s a good time for me to celebrate the people who enable me to labor on this website and actually get paid a little: you, my readers. And while every eyeball that lingers on an ad helps out a bit, the biggest thanks go to those of you who directly contribute to this site by becoming FoS Supporters, whether mini- or maxi-. At a time when corporate journalism remains unsure about whether it actually wants to pay people to report on things like stadium shenanigans, I’m increasingly grateful for your willingness to chip in so that I can keep this site going and my lights on, all at the same time.

Which reminds me that I haven’t done a supporter chat in a while, and we have a bunch of new members to invite into the inner sanctum, so let’s do next Monday, September 8, at noon Eastern time. (I’ll try to stick around until around close to 2 pm, for late-rising West Coasters.) I’ll send out a password via email shortly, and you can post questions or discussion topics starting early that morning on a password-protected item that will appear here. Please join in if you can — it’s way more fun with a crowded room.

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2 comments on “FoS supporter chat, Monday 9/8, noon Eastern

  1. @Neil. Thanks for such a Great web site. I’m amazed at how Greedy sports owners have become. I don’t know who to feel more sorry for…The fans who keep buying overpriced tickets or the cities who keep sticking to the taxpayers who fit the bill.

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