Vegas council to vote today on keeping MLS plan on life support

And speaking of speculative soccer stadium projects, the Las Vegas city council is set to vote today on whether to stick a fork in Cordish Cos.’ $200 million MLS stadium plan, which would require $155 million in city funding which would maybe be paid back by the team or maybe not.

Since a yes vote would only keep the project alive for another three months, normally you’d expect it to sail through, because what’s the skin off the council’s nose? It sounds like there’s actually some opposition, though, that could make the vote of the seven-member council actually interesting: councilmember Bob Beers says he can’t vote for the project because the developers haven’t provided enough information, while his colleague Bob Coffin says after five years, Cordish has been given enough rope. It’ll probably still get passed — cf. above re: skin, rope — but a groundswell this is not.

2 comments on “Vegas council to vote today on keeping MLS plan on life support

  1. Circle the date on your calendar, MLS is taking a tour of Sacramento on Sept 18! This shakedown, er, fact-finding mission will probably center on Elk Grove, which has already identified the land on which the stadium will sit.

  2. And then there’s option C, which is to vote not to vote:

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