Sabres owner to buy Bills, Buffalo News still can only focus on where a new stadium would go

Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula has will be the new owner of the Buffalo Bills, winning the bidding with a $1.4 billion offer. This raises all kinds of interesting questions, like: Will Pegula continue to push for a new stadium, or will he be satisfied with the renovations just completed to Ralph Wilson Stadium? If the former, will he be willing (or able) to cover most of the costs via some of his $3.3 billion in fracking riches? When he said that the Bills and Sabres are “both here to stay,” does that mean he doesn’t plan on using NFL threats to move to the team to leverage a new stadium? As Sabres owner, could he get away with moving the Bills without being burned in effigy?

All interesting questions, that is, unless you’re the Buffalo News, which is dead-set on covering one and only one thing about the Bills stadium situation, which is where are we gonna build it already?

Pegula has not spoken publicly about his preferences for either a new or renovated stadium for the Bills.

But Pegula’s pending purchase of the team likely gives a leg up to potential stadium sites downtown, near First Niagara Center, where Pegula’s Buffalo Sabres play, and close to the HarborCenter hotel and hockey complex that now is under construction, sources said.

And in case that lengthy article (which does include one paragraph — number 14, if you’re counting — about the possibility of remaining in Ralph Wilson Stadium, with still more renovations) isn’t enough, there’s also a sidebar on six different sites that a stadium could be built.

It’s almost like the Buffalo News editors don’t read either me or the Columbia Journalism Review. Either that, or they’re covertly trying to wrest the satirical-journalism-site crown from ClickHole.

[UPDATE: I just realized I missed this article from yesterday, in which the News observes that Pegula’s purchase of the Bills will give “clarity” to “the search for a new stadium site.” Gotta give them points for consistency, anyway.]

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4 comments on “Sabres owner to buy Bills, Buffalo News still can only focus on where a new stadium would go

  1. Wow! $1.4 Billion for the worst performing NFL franchise since 1999!
    I’m going to call BofA right now to see if I can get my credit card limit raised so that I can buy and NFL franchise, hold it for about 1/2 hour, and then sell it for a nice gain, so that I can easily pay my credit card bill on time.

  2. The city of Toronto dodged a bullet on this one with being on the “losing” end of the Bills sweepstakes. My guess is there are a lot of people rejoicing right now in Toronto, and for good reason.

  3. Supply and Demand. There are only 30 opportunities to own an NFL team and they don’t come up all the time. Some will get passed down to heir’s and will never have the opportunity to be sold. This could have been the Bills, but the Wilson’s didn’t want to keep it.

    Not only is Pegula buying an NFL team but he is branding himself in the process. Who knew who Terrence and Kim Pegula were before this? maybe if you were a hockey fan, as I am, but my knowledge of how they made their money was non-existant.

    Terry Pegula is in his 60’s. Let him enjoy his money :)

  4. Ahem. The purpose of a newspaper is to propagate the local NFL ownership’s talking points. At least that’s the purpose of the papers in my adopted town!

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