Milwaukee paper wants you to know how urgent Bucks owners are for arena, whether they are or not

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel where-will-we-put-the-new-Bucks-arena correspondent Don Walker has another update for us, people!

Bucks owners hope to pick site for new arena by year’s end

So, that’s kind of news. Also kind of familiar. Didn’t Walker just write this article?

Local leaders say arena plans must be in place by new year

Oh, okay, before it was the local chamber of commerce head saying he wanted arena plans finalized by the end of the year. Now it’s the Bucks owners saying the same thing. What did they actually say, anyway?

Asked about a timetable, Edens said, “as soon as possible. But that doesn’t mean tomorrow. The reality is a decision like this is a critical one. We would hope to be in the position of having a site by the end of the year. … But it’s not entirely in our control.”

That’s … not actually a timetable, is it? Good thing Edens stuck in an actual date somewhere in his comments, so that the Journal-Sentinel had something to hang a headline on. I’d assumed that Walker’s constant harping on an arena site was because he was too willing to reprint anything that people in positions of power told him, but maybe I’m not giving him enough credit — maybe he’s actually trying to get an arena deal done ASAP so that he can finally be released from his purgatory of having to write the same article over and over and over again. Where’s Heracles when you need him?

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